H and Jodies Jubilee

Nisa retailer Harjit Singh of H & Jodie’s in Walsall received a royal turnout for his Platinum Jubilee party.

Harjit and his son Amrit organised a street party to honour the Queen’s milestone with 1,500 people in attendance. “We decided to go all out to celebrate the Jubilee and invited the entire community to join us,” said Amrit.

Harjit praised brands such as Suntory, Coca-Cola, Boost Drinks, Thatchers and Jatt Life Vodka and Heineken for supporting the event. “It’s great to have brand support like this as it means a lot for the community and helps make a great day out for everyone.”

As well as organising the party to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with his community, Amrit was also able to raise some funding for local groups through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally Heart of the Community campaign. He managed to raise £11,000 for 22 different local groups through the initiative.

“It’s a privilege to be able to support these groups as they provide vital services in our community,” he added. “There’s no better way to help as a retailer than by supporting these groups.”