Daniall Nadeem, owner of Nisa Motherwell Road, in Bellshill, Scotland, says healthy lines and soft drinks are flying out as customers take part in Stoptober.

“The Stoptober campaign has definitely had an impact on sales. At first, I didn’t realise why my alcohol sales were down on last month but once I spoke with the staff and competitor retailers we realised that quite a number of people are taking part in Stoptober, which means we can stop worrying about our alcohol range.

“Our free-from and protein products are also selling well at the minute. People seem to be trying to eat healthy before Christmas properly starts. Chilled is another area that is doing well for us. We’ve grown the amount of space we dedicate to the category by 25% since the Co-op own label lines were introduced to Nisa stores.

“Customers are now actively hunting round for Co-op lines. They know that it is a big and trusted brand that offers them good quality products. No matter what the product is, they hear the Co-op name and want to give the product a go. We’re finding it hard to keep up with demand, especially at the weekend when people seem to strip the shelves bare.”

Star performers: “Soft drinks has been our best selling category in recent weeks. Normally its alcohol and tobacco that are our top sellers but with it being ‘Stoptober’ lots of people have switched to something non-alcoholic.”

Successful NPD: “We started stocking Carabao energy drinks a few months ago but because our customers don’t like trying new soft drinks or grocery products they weren’t selling.

“Then one of the company’s sales reps came into the store and did some tastings for all the energy drinks and once people had tried the Carabao drinks they wanted to buy them. We now selll around 20 cases of Carabao a week.”

Carabao launched its first ever TV advertising campaign in August, featuring the company’s new brand ambassador Clive the Carabao and full range of original and sugar free products.

The advert was designed to explore Carabao’s brand history and promote its Mr Carabao £1m Giveway. The promotion gave consumers the chance to win cash prizes, ranging from £5 to £50,000.