Sandeep Bains, of Simply Fresh Faversham, in Kent, says Lucozade Sport Fit Water is a hit with his shoppers.

“I would say that Lucozade Fit Water is coming through quite strongly at the moment,” he says.

“It has been a great addition to the water category and very popular in store. It’s just pure water without any flavours but it has added benefits.”

Lucozade Ribena Suntory launched its new Lucozade Sport Fit Water with energy boosting and rehydrating electrolytes (rrp £0.89 pre 600ml bottle) in July, to tap into the fast growing functional water market.

The warm weather spells have also kept Sandeep’s till ringing.

“At the moment, we have seen sales increase, as it is normally the time of year when people are buying soft drinks, alcohol, slush puppies and ice cream.

“We have also seen growth in the sales of protein. Currently, we are seeing good sales in protein bars and protein shakes.

“We have the Hop Festival coming to the town this week so we expect good sales from that. There is a lot of people that come into the town with people setting up lots of stalls and selling pub beer.

“We are expecting a strong increase in sales and looking at more than double our normal rate over the weekend.”