Vince Maloney, of Maloney’s Budgens in Shepperton, Ascot and Virginia Water, says his new range of Grenade protein bars and shakes are very popular.

“The energy bars are very popular, as are the shakes. The whole range offers a great margin as people are happy to pay nearly £2.50 per unit.”

Vince says footfall plummets during the summer but he’s making up for lost holiday sales with food to go.

“During the summer a lot of people go away 
on holiday, some for as long as six weeks, so sales die down by about 20%. But what still goes is the food to go.

”The builders are still around and they like our new fish finger baps, and our burgers. We have to keep our eye on the forecast, though, and make sure we are selling the type of food to go that people are craving.

“As soon as it cools down we sell a lot of soup, and as soon as it warms up we sell a lot of salad. It’s a balancing act throughout this changeable weather.

“Of course, we also have the [Ascot] races going on, so as soon as the sun comes out we have a lot of people coming in to buy picnic items.”

What’s hot: Food to go is always popular, even through the holidays

What’s not: Household and non-food are dying as more and more people use grocery delivery services for these items