North Wales Spar retailer Conrad Davies says alcohol as an entire category is selling very well, both in terms of volume and value.

“Alcohol is going really well at the moment as we come into the summer season. Fruity ciders are particularly popular and generally any NPD within the cider category tends to sell well. Heineken’s new Bulmers Orchard Pioneers cider, which come in Cloudy Apple and Red Apple flavours, are on their own display and they look really good.

“Gin is really popular and so are the premium tonics which go with it. We’re selling loads of the premium Fever Tree tonic, ginger ale and their special Madagascan Cola made especially for mixing with spiced rum. I think people are generally trading up on their alcohol now and treating themselves to something more premium. I’m seeing this trend across the category.

“Prosecco sales have gone up too thanks to Spar’s newly expanded own-brand range. One of those is on offer at £6.50 and then there’s one at £9, £10 and £12.”

Conrad is also prepared for a big last minute rush for Father’s Day.

“We’ve got a display of cards, 12-packs of ale, Famous Grouse Whisky, mugs, Baylis and Harding toiletries and things like that. We’ve learnt our lesson from previous years and we put up our display of cards and gift ideas just one week before the day so that’s enough time for people to see we have the offer but it’s not so long that it’s sitting there taking up space and not getting any sales.

“We expect to get the majority of sales of these products today (Friday June 16), tomorrow and Sunday morning as people will pop in on their way to seeing their dad. It’s that sort of last minute buy which is where we win over the mults.”

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