Chris Shelley, of Budgens Horsham, West Sussex, says local alcohol is a great way to create interest and boost sales. 

”We’ve tweaked and increased our range of local products. We’ve just added Horsham’s craft gin called Cabin Pressure which has been selling well. It comes in a white bottle and looks attractive. We’ve also increased our range of Fever Tree tonic waters which work well with the gin so we’re offering all the ingredients for a high quality drink.”

Chris also has a good range of local craft ale.

”Canned craft lager sells for around £2.40 for a 330ml can which is not cheap. It’s very popular at the moment and I keep changing my offer in order to retain interest from these shoppers.”

As well as the local lines, Chris has witnessed strong sales across the categories thanks to the warm weather and the bank holiday weekend.

”Hot weather always helps business. It added three or four thousand pounds to sales last week - bbq foods, soft drinks and alcohol especially benefit.

”We’ve added a metre bay of barbeque equipment and charcoal, bits for the garden and summer toys. We have a seasonal bay near the checkouts so after Easter the summer items fill the gap.”

Successful NPD:

Bud Light

Chris says Bud Light beer has benefitted from the brand’s multi-million pound marketing campaign.

Rubicon Sparkling 500ml

Like many low and no-sugar soft drinks, Chris says the Rubicon Spring range is selling well. The range includes: Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Black Cherry Raspberry.