Walkers Shortbread is expanding its portfolio with a new 3D Carton Miniature Shortbread range.  

The launch includes three variants in 150g cartons to meet the rising popularity and strong consumer demand for increased social snacking occasions; mini gingerbread men, mini shortbread fingers and mini Scottie dogs.

Jim Walker said: ”The Walkers brand is continuously developing product ranges to provide our loyal customers with quality offerings to suit growing demand across certain categories. Over recent years, we have seen an increase in popularity for social snacking products and, combined with the continued momentum for items to suit various gifting occasions, Walkers Shortbread is excited to officially launch the new range of 3-D Mini cartons.”

The Walkers Shortbread 3D cartons are priced from £2.40 per pack, £21.60 per case and are available to buy online at: www.walkersshortbread.com