To celebrate Leicester City Football Club’s historic premier league triumph, Walkers is creating limited edition packs of ‘Salt & Victory’ crisps. The brand is also revealing Gary Lineker with his kit off in the ‘Countdown to Kit Off.’

Following Lineker’s promise to present live on television in his pants if Leicester City were to win, the Walkers ‘Countdown to Kit Off’ digital strip tease has come to fruition, with Gary paraded on digital screens around Leicester and Manchester Piccadilly congratulating the club on an incredible season - with little to conceal his modesty.

Walkers will be sampling the Salt & Vinegar flavoured ‘Salt & Victory’ crisps, in bags adorned with a Walkers Winners logo, to fans at Leicester’s final home game vs Everton on May 7.

Walkers marketing director Thomas Barkholt said: “Everyone at Walkers is incredibly proud of our Leicester heritage and we are absolutely delighted that they will be taking home the Premier League trophy!”