Thai Taste has added Vegetarian ‘Fish’ Sauce (Nam Pla Jey) to its range of authentic Thai products.

Essential in Thai cooking and other world cuisines, Fish Sauce can be added to almost every dish to provide the salty element. Equally, when it comes to accompaniments, a meal in Thailand isn’t complete without a small dish of Prik Nam Pla (Chilli Fish Sauce) served alongside. 

There are over 3million vegetarians and vegans in the UK today, but a much larger number are buying into the trend as life-stylers. 16-34yr olds are more influenced by vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and also tend to be more adventurous in what they cook, due to the popularity of long-haul travel and the growth of Thai flavours in OOH cuisine.

Thai Taste’s new vegetarian and vegan friendly ‘Fish’ sauce is made from seaweed, enabling this important demographic of shoppers to now enjoy authentic Thai flavours when cooking at home.

Seaweed is well known for its health benefits; being rich in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iodine, iron, protein and vitamin C. This ‘Fish’ sauce is also made from natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. It is also naturally gluten free.