Mast-Jaegermeister UK has unveiled a new prime time TV campaign for its herbal liqueur.

The popular ‘Craft the Moment’ creative, which originally ran over the 2015 festive season, goes live on November 28 and will be seen by 66.4% of all 18-34 year old men (4.3 million) at least 4.4 times, according to the firm.

Marketing director, Nicole Goodwin said: “We’re proud to announce that the successful ‘Craft the Moment’ advert will be back on air, showcasing the attention that goes into making our herbal elixir and the friendship it celebrates. In the advert we highlight the 2cl miniatures which have outperformed expectations in both the on and off-trade since the previous TV campaign aired and we feature our new bottle in the end frame. Another 400,000 target consumers will be able to watch the advert on YouTube as we trial new digital platforms to communicate our brand messages.

“The festive season is incredibly important for both our brand and our customers with Jägermeister typically seeing 47% uplift* on rate of sale in December versus the rest of the year – meaning we need to continue to cut through the noise with our marketing activity.”

The ‘Craft the Moment’ creative will also be available to see at 228 sites across the London Underground and a cinema campaign will continue ensuring a further 500,000 people are reached.

The TV advert will appear during prime-time TV slots including The Walking Dead on Fox and Sky Sports’ Manchester United VS West Ham football match.