A new TV campaign starring Gary Lineker is set to drive demand for Bugles, the latest addition to the Walkers’ portfolio in the UK.

Launching today (Monday July 4), the 20 second commercial opens with Gary playing with his crisps by ‘wearing’ them on his fingers while waiting in a lift. He is then joined by a group of colleagues who all try to eat his crunchy cones, while Gary attempts to swat their hands away. The lift door closes, but when it opens again, viewers see that Gary has been tied upside down by his colleagues, who run away with his packet of Bugles. The advert closes by describing Bugles as “the crunchy cones you can’t keep your hands off”.

Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at PepsiCo, comments: “Bugles is already incredibly popular throughout Europe and North America and we believe that bringing the fun shape and sensational flavours to the UK will be a great success. We are delighted to be featuring Gary Lineker in our newest mischievous TV campaign and are confident that the advert will encourage in-store excitement and drive incremental sales for retailers.”