Tropicana has launched a new on-pack promotion to encourage people to enjoy a little glass of 100% pure fruit juice as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Set to feature on over 20 million Tropicana packs, the on-pack offer is available now and will be running until the beginning of August, offering consumers the chance to collect seven ‘morning mood’ little glass designs. To claim a free glass, shoppers will simply need to purchase three Tropicana promotional packs and enter their details at

Sophie Giraudel, brand manager for Tropicana, said: “We believe this latest ‘Little Glass’ promotional offer from Tropicana is a fun way to reinforce our messaging from last year, that one glass serves as a convenient and easy way for people to get important vitamins, minerals and one of your five a day. There is a ‘Little Glass’ design for every morning mood, whether you’ve bounced out of bed or pressed the snooze button, the seven designs such as ‘Friyaay’ and ‘Sleepy head’, can perfectly capture this.”

The ‘Little Glass’ on-pack promotion will be supported with strong social media support from April onwards, including YouTube and programmatic displays.