Beckleberry’s, the family ice cream & sorbet brand, has added new Blackcurrant and Martini to its range of sorbets with tipple twists.

The new sku is available now and joins Blackcurrant & Kirsch, Sloe Gin Sorbet and Sour Cherry & Amaretto (rrp £4.99 per 500ml tub).

Co-founder Peter Craig said: ”Sorbets with a ‘tipple twist’ have been a massive hit for us, since they accommodate the growing clamour for ‘dairy free’ puds whilst simultaneously tapping into gin’s ongoing renaissance. Of course everyone loves a trip down Memory Lane to reconnect with those long forgotten flavours, of yesteryear, however the real reason behind the meteoric growth of our ‘Top Tipple’ sorbets is the countless ‘top-end’ hotels and bars that craving sorbets that could act as sublime cocktail bases.

”Today the clamour of our ‘slightly squiffy’ sorbets means we’ve created a 500ml portfolio of our best ‘all singing,’ alcohol-infused sorbets specifically for supermarkets and the independent deli, farm shop & food hall fraternities.”