Essity is expanding its Tena pants offering with two new products, Tena Lady Pants Plus and Tena Men Active Fit Pants.

Building on the success of the brand’s existing unisex Pants Plus range, Tena’s new gender-specific pants are designed to suit more consumers, by offering the same protection with a better fit.

The launch of the the two skus will be supported by a new TVCs, which demonstrates the benefits of both products to consumers.

Anna McCrory, brand manager for Tena Lady, said: “Tena continually strives to improve its products to give consumers complete comfort and total peace of mind when it comes to bladder weakness.”

“The launch of new Tena Lady Pants Plus aims to recruit more women to experience the benefits of TENA Lady whilst accelerating growth in the pants category, by providing a product to meet the unique needs of every customer.”

Tena Lady Pants Plus feature a narrow waistband and neat leg cuffs, offering security and improved protection for female shoppers.

Tena Men Active Fit Pants cater for those who desire a secure, comfortable and worry-free product to suit their on-the-go lifestyle.

The new pants feature Tena’s most boxer-like design to date and are styled in a navy blue finish, complete with a wide waistband, straight leg cut, back label and extra threading for added comfort.

Donna Wilson, brand manager for Tena Men, said: “Tena Men is committed to offering solutions for consumers with bladder weakness, so that customers feel comfortable and content that they are getting the best protection in the most discreet manner, something that is vitally important to our male market.”

Tena Lady Pants Plus 8 pack and Tena Men Active Fit Pants 9 pack are available to convenience stores now (rrp 9.99).