Gallaher is hoping to cash in on Christmas as the key selling period for cigars with a new Happiness trade campaign including another chance for independent retailers to win cash prizes of up to £5,000.
On packs of Hamlet fives and 10s, the word Happiness will replace the Hamlet brand name and the Hamlet ‘H’ will be introduced in the top left-hand corner of the facts.
The promotion for independent retailers will return for a second year with a prize of £5,000 for one retailer and five prizes of £1,000 and 50 of £100. The company is also launching a limited-edition variety pack of miniature cigars exclusively for independent retailers.
The packs will contain five each of Hamlet Miniatures, Fine Aroma, Smooth and Filters.

RRP £39.99; retailers will get a profit on return of 26.6% or 81p per pack
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