Spar has redesigned its ready meal range with a fresh and foodie new look, and moved half of the range from a landscape to a portrait design to make space on shelves.

The new ready meal designs use lifestyle photography to showcase the range’s products and their fresh ingredients.

The price mechanic on Spar Brand standard ready meals will move to two for £5.50, bringing it in line with Spar’s standard chilled pizza offering.

Spar’s ready meal range is currently worth over £6m in retail sales, said Cath McIlwham, Spar UK Head of Spar Brand.

“The chilled ready meal market is growing by 6.5% year-on-year, and standard-tier ready meals account for 77% value share of the category.

“The new design for the range features two sets of lifestyle photography on each product, to create an attractive fresh and colourful feel,” said McIlwham.

“Icons and traffic light are also all clearly displayed to keep consumers informed, and each cuisine type has a different background style which will help customers navigate the range in store,” she said.