Cats can enjoy gourmet soups thanks to a new range from luxury wet cat food brand Purina Gourmet.

The brand, from Nestlé Purina, is launching an expansive series of new products, including new soups and developments to the popular Gourmet Mon Petit and Gold ranges.

Based on Purina research and insight that cats love gravy, the brand has developed Gourmet Soup, a new innovation with the wet cat single serve category, designed to be added to the Gourmet shopper’s cat menu.

The soup contains natural chicken or tuna, served with a selection of refined broths. The four varieties, served in 40g single serve pouches, include recognisable ingredients, designed to appeal to consumers.

Since its launch two years ago, Gourmet Mon Petit has proved a hit with consumers with last year’s sales growing by £7.5m. Building on this success, Purina is launching Mon Petit Duo, the first pet food brand to include two flavours in one 50g single serve pouch, proving real innovation within the 50g portfolio.

Providing more flavour variety for Mon Petit fans, the two new multipacks consist of six 50g pouches each, adding to the five existing multipacks in the range.

Finally, Gourmet is also extending its popular Gold range, with the launch of Gold Savoury Cake. Gold Savoury Cake delivers a new texture and provides a quality meal in a new meaty cake formula for cats.

The new sub-range is available in the four single serve 85g varieties with beef, chicken, tuna and salmon, allowing consumers to pick and choose from a wider variety.

Purina Gourmet senior brand manager Mark Zaki said: “As the number one luxury wet cat food brand, we are committed to fuelling category growth through innovation and NPD. We are particularly excited about the launch of Gourmet Soup, which responds to a key consumer demand and provides a brand new feeding occasion. Mon Petit and Gold have both been hugely popular with consumers, so it’s great to be able to extend both ranges and continue to offer consumers choice within their favourite brands.”

Gold and Mon Petit are available to convenience stores now and soups will be available from February 21.

The launch of the new products is supported by a ATL and BTL investment, with the brand currently on TV screens, featuring the brand’s iconic cat, Archie, as the star.