Pork Farms is launching a multi-million pound promotion offering a £45k motor home and hundreds of holidays.

The “Great Summer Giveaway” campaign is one of Pork Farms’ biggest on pack promotions to date running across millions of skus. With every pack a winner and the chance to also win a new motor home or one of one hundred holidays, there are millions of pounds of prizes on offer.

The on pack promotion will be supported by a TV advertising campaign which will go live later in the summer.

Michael Holton, brand and marketing manager at Pork Farms said: “This will be one of the biggest campaigns Pork Farms has launched. The on pack promotion is on a huge scale, running across more than 3 million packs. Every one of the packs is a winner; with up to £50 off a Haven Holiday, and also the chance to win a £45,000 motor home or a family holiday.

“For our retailers this should prove to be a huge sales driver, hitting at a key buying point for Pork Farms’ products.”

The on pack promotion will be in stores on the June 5 and run for three months. Shoppers simply enter a code on the promotional packs at www.winwithporkfarms.co.uk

Each code will be entered into the draw to win the £45,000 motor home or one of a hundred free holidays. As well as being entered into the draw, shoppers will also receive an instant prize which could be up to £50 off a Haven holiday.

Holton added: “This campaign is part of our drive at Pork Farms to really support our retailers. The on pack promotion is offering an estimated value of £10m of prizes to giveaway and this combined with the advertising, social and PR support, should create major buzz during a key trading period in the category. We are all really excited about the campaign and the potential impact on sales.”

For more details visit www.winwithporkfarms.co.uk