For the first time in nearly four years, Pipers Crisps is adding a new flavour - Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary.

Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the brand says Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary will be perfect for the ‘food-to-go’ sector.

Pipers Crisps’ founder Alex Albone explains the story behind the new flavour and the rationale for the company’s famously cautious approach to new product development. “We’re never in a hurry to launch new flavours and, when we do, we set ourselves very strict criteria. We don’t go in for fashionable or seasonal products. We’ll only consider a new line if it tastes great, has a strong provenance, is relevant to current eating trends and complements our existing range.”

“Our new Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary flavour more than meets these criteria. We know that vegetarian eating is a rapidly growing trend, and that Mediterranean herb flavours are increasingly popular across Europe.”

The Pipers’ range now includes eight flavours. Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary crisps are available from September 1 in 40g pack size and 150g sharing bags.