Vimto Out of Home is extending its frozen drinks offering with its new license to sell Icee carbonated slush drinks in the UK.

Over 500 million Icee drinks are sold annually in the US and around the world and according to Icee sales data it has 86% brand awareness.

The brand’s distinctive red and blue striped cup, frost capped letters, Icee Bear mascot, dome lid, spoon straw and fun flavours have helped it achieve iconic brand status in the US. This year marks the 50th anniversary for Icee and is being celebrated with limited edition collector cups, special flavours and media appearances.

Nick Yates, sales and operations director at Vimto Out of Home, said: “It’s an exciting time for us, adding the world’s number one frozen beverage brand to our portfolio. We know the demand for iced drinks is there, especially in cinemas, QSRs, theme parks and other leisure attractions, and are well equipped to bring Icee to this market, where we already have a strong presence.”