Jones Food Solutions, which includes the brand ‘Paul Loader Traditional Family Butchers’, has teamed with Wyke Farms to create two new products: Pork and cheese sausages and a Porterhouse cheese burger.

The sausages are available in retail packs of 6 (454g) and the burgers in retail packs of 4 (454g) with RSP of £3.49 per pack.

Wyke Farms has been producing its award winning cheddar to their secret family recipe for over 150 years and has grown to become one of the largest family-owned cheese makers in Britain selling over 15,000 tonnes annually to 160 countries around the world.

Wyke Farms have over 150 years of family farming experience. Wyke Farms’ cheese and butter is made with the milk from their cows grazing the lush pastures of the Mendip Hills in the centre of the Cheddar making region in Somerset.