Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a new look and a healthy product launch.

To celebrate 10 years of baking success, Bannisters Farm has given itself a make-over with a contemporary but reassuringly traditional new-look to entice more busy people to venture into the freezer aisle and try their range of pre-baked frozen jacket potatoes and skins.

The brand is also launching New Naked Baked Jacket Potatoes aimed primarily at those following a healthy eating plan.

British grown, wholesome potatoes, freshly baked in their skins before being frozen; nothing added, nothing taken away. They differ from the core product, Baked Jacket Potatoes only by not being drizzled with extra virgin olive oil before being frozen.

There are four potatoes in a pack and each one weighs around 150g containing roughly 119kcals. Ready to eat in just four minutes, direct from the freezer, Naked Baked Jacket Potatoes (rrp £1.69) provide a simple, quick, healthy base dish, waiting for the consumer’s imagination to transform it with a filling of their choice.