HP Bulmer is celebrating its 125th anniversary with the launch of Bulmers Vintage Reserve, a modern cider made from UK-grown bittersweet apples.

The new limited edition cider will be available across off trade from March for a 12 month period. Available in a 568ml glass bottle, the new blend is designed to sit in the modern cider fixture alongside the Bulmers family, Original, Pear and No17. The launch will be accompanied by in-store support and cross-family marketing.

Sanjay Patel, brands director, Ciders, at HEINEKEN in the UK, said: “Bulmers Vintage Reserve is a tribute to the rich cider making heritage of HP Bulmer and the passion and innovation that has kept the Bulmers name at the forefront of the cider market since 1887 when 20-year old Percy Bulmer first began making cider using apples from the orchard at his father’s Herefordshire rectory.”

RRP: Bulmers Original +20p