Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats is extending it protein portfolio with new Bounty Protein Bar.

To capitalise on the growing protein trend and following on from the successful launch of the Mars and Snickers Protein Bars, the new Bounty Protein Bar is just 200 calories, includes 19g of protein and will have all the taste of the Bounty coconut blend that consumers know and love.

The firm says sales of protein shakes and bars have soared 27% in two years, from £52million to £66million, with one in ten consumers having consumed a protein bar in the last three months.

Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, says: “We initially launched our Mars and Snickers Protein Bars less than a year ago, and were the first major confectionery brands to offer protein product alternatives in the UK. We have not only seen sales soar through specialist channels, but increasingly with impulse purchasers, who consume protein, but also enjoy the taste of their favourite confectionery brands on the go.

“For retailers unfamiliar with sports and nutrition products, our growing range offers brand familiarity, which resonates with the consumer. This is certainly a market worth investing in, with analysts predicting its worth to be over £350 million by 2018.”

The new Bounty Protein Bar is available now, RSP £2.19. For all stockist enquries please call 01452 378500.