Mars Chocolate UK is launching a promotion called Sweet Nights In which marks the first time the firm has run activity which spans across its “blockbuster brands”.

Sweet Nights In is a new on-pack promotion offering consumers money off in-home entertainment through Google Play.  The promotion will reward consumers with 50% off the latest movie rentals and £3 credit they can use across a wide range of TV shows, books, music and apps. The activity will continue from March 27 until August 13 and vouchers will last until 2018.

Sweet Nights In capitalises on two of the biggest consumer trends of the moment - evening in-home treats, which is currently the biggest sharing occasion and growing, and the rise in popularity of video content - currently the most popular form of evening entertainment in the UK (Nat Cen Research).

Consumers can enjoy a movie after buying three promotional flashed products across Mars’ standard pouch, multipack bar and large block ranges, visiting and registering the codes printed on the packs to receive voucher codes. They can then enter the codes into the REDEEM function on Google Play and select the film of their choice.

The activity incorporates five out of the nation’s top 10 chocolate brands (Nielsen Total Impulse Value % Chg and Value Share Chg YTD P13 2016) and the firm predicts this activity will deliver to 25million households across the UK.  

Amos Teshuva, senior brand manager at Mars, said: ”This is the first time in Mars’ history that we are taking all our blockbuster brands and doing activity that spans across all of them.”

There will be the option to choose from six of the top 10 biggest take-home SKUs in the category, including: Malteser standard pouch, the UK’s number one bitesize brand, Galaxy, the Number two chocolate brand in the UK, and M&Ms sharing pouch, the number one chocolate brand in the world (Nielsen Scantrack FY 2015). 

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager at Mars Chocolate UK, said: “Rooted in cutting edge shopper and consumer insight, we’re confident this promotion can help drive growth across the category, boost sales for retailers, and provide consumers with a great chance to enjoy blockbuster films with Mars’ blockbuster brands!”