Lurvill’s Delight, a low calorie botanical soda first made in 1896, has been resurrected.

The craft-style botanical soda (rrp £1.89 for a 330ml bottle) was originally popular in Wales between 1896 and 1910 and is now being made again in Wales by new owner Dave Steward.

Steward was most recently MD of Proximo Spirits UK, the distributor of Bushmills, Jose Cuervo and The Kraken Rum. 

Lurvill’s only contains natural ingredients including rhubarb, nettle, dock leaves and juniper berry extract - and is free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and added sugar. It’s dry, low in calories (66 per 330ml) and gently sparkling.

Retailers in Wales and the SW of England can get Lurvill’s through Castell Howell and Global Foods. For stocking enquiries contact 07779 301935 or