Kinder Bueno, is initiating a new marketing campaign called ’Now That’s Adulting’. The platform comes as a result of the brand’s cross-generational research into what being a ‘grown-up’ means for different generations.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, said: “With adults making up two thirds of Kinder Bueno consumption, we wanted to develop a tongue-in-cheek campaign that would connect with them and their daily lives. Life is certainly better when you’re smiling and when the research showed that two thirds of adults (66%) think life is far too short to be sensible all the time, our campaign platform began to piece together. We all know being a grown up can be tough in today’s modern world, so it’s brilliant to see people are rewarding themselves for their ‘adulting’ successes.”

’Now That’s Adulting’ will feature vlogger partnerships, where influencers will reward themselves for completing adulting challenges. In addition, the campaign will be visible across: social media and video on demand, experiential sampling and shopper media.

“We’d urge retailers to get behind the campaign by ordering free Kinder Bueno POS, available via We’ll be having a lot of fun with this campaign and have a raft of materials for you to display in your store, such as posters that read: Because you’ve actually remembered your bag for life. Reward yourself. #NowThatsAdulting.”