Kellogg’s will launch a brand new range of granolas, mueslis and cereals, called Ancient Legends, in January 2016.

The products (rrp £2.99) are made up of ‘ancient grains’ such as spelt, rye and quinoa and are part of a £7.5m launch with TV, outdoor and digital advertising and social media support.

Ancient Legends marketing manager Ruth Gresty said: “We want to see these products together in the granola and muesli section, where we expect to drive a lot of impulse purchases, as well as creating long-term interest by telling a compelling brand story. There is something in this range for everyone, and Legends have a much stronger appeal to men than most products in the category.”

The six varieties are:

Ancient Legends Muesli: Puffed spelt, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sultana and flax seeds; and quinoa, apple, cranberry and chia seeds.

Ancient Legends Granola: Spelt, cranberry, sultana and flax seeds; and rye, chia seeds, sultana and pumpkin seeds.

Ancient Legends Cereal: Rye, cranberry, almond and flax seeds; and spelt, apple, sultana and chia seeds.