Honey Monster Puffs is being relaunched with a lower sugar content and new packaging, as it evolves to become more relevant for the modern consumer.

The relaunch comes after Monster Brands acquired the Honey Monster Puffs brand from Halo Foods last year. 

Available from the end of March, the new recipe has a lower sugar content of 6.6g per 30g serving, half the sugar level of the original recipe. The packaging has also been completely updated and modernised as has the Honey Monster himself resulting in a new healthier and more relevant cereal.

Gary Lewis, managing director of Brands at Brecks food, said: “There is still a concern over the sugar levels in cereals with 48% of parents deeming it hard to find a low sugar cereal. However, 41% of breakfast eaters saying they value taste over healthiness which shows there is a clear demand in the market for a product that can deliver both.

“Honey Monster Puffs offers a great balance of flavour and nutrition to give consumers a breakfast that is sweet and tasty, but can give families a great start to their day. By bringing a new-look and new recipe Honey Monster to the breakfast table we’re hoping to revive the cereal market with some honest fun that will brighten up everyone’s morning.

“We’re not stopping here though, we will be continuing to bring more choice into the cereal category with exciting new varieties launched later this year to ensure busy families are provided with filling and tasty breakfast options that fit in with changing lifestyles and eating habits.”

The Honey Monster Puffs relaunch will be supported by a social media campaign through its relaunched channels and will also see an updated launch of the Honey Monster website.

Honey Monster Puffs will be available as a 320g pack with an RSP of £2.39, a 450g pack with an RSP of £2.89 and a 625g pack with an RSP of £3.25.