Eukanuba is launching a grain free and low allergen pet food, suitable for dogs with skin or stomach sensitivities.

The NaturePlus+ Grain Free range  (rrp £12 per 2.3kg and rrp £42.99 per 10kg) includes one all-breed formula for puppies and another all-breed formula for adult dogs.

The premium pet food is designed to give dogs a healthy diet and is tailored to suit the growth of dogs, from pups to adulthood. 

Kellie Ceccarelli, veterinary expert at Eukanuba, said: “The humanisation trend is continually reflected in the pet food market, as an increasing number of owners want to reflect their own nutritional behaviour in their pets’ diets.

”At Eukanuba, we have over 45 years of expertise in the industry and know what owners want. There is a clear desire among owners for more natural food, but it’s also imperative that they are getting all the nutrients they need to live their best life, whilst also being aware of any skin or stomach sensitivity. That’s why we developed the NaturePlus+ Grain Free, low allergen range made with natural ingredients”.

NaturePlus+ Grain Free contains a high level of animal protein, up to 77%. The protein is derived from freshly frozen Atlantic Salmon and other animal-based proteins.

The range is gluten, soya and dairy free and contains no artificial flavours, colourants or GMOs. The products also include essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre to give dogs a balanced diet.