Dr. Oetker is rewarding and uniting people who love to bake with the new social media site We Bake.

We Bake is the first baking-only social media platform that coaches and motivates bakers to do more of what they love. The firm describes it as a cross between Facebook and Instagram, with 100% baking content.

Users can create a profile and share recipes, tips and advice. Dr. Oetker anticipates that the new community will drive excitement and give people a reason to bake again and again.

Jan McKee, Dr. Oetker executive head of marketing, said: “Dr. Oetker believes it’s time that bakers had a community to offer encouragement, support and even the opportunity to share and get recognition for a job well done.”

“As category leaders it’s our responsibility to drive innovation and excitement through our campaigns. We Bake will give people a reason to bake and help to create more occasions for them to do so, ultimately growing both frequency and penetration.”

The Dr. Oetker Dare to Bake campaign will boost the key seasonal occasions and be supported by an always on digital, social and PR support and a £3M ATL spend.

Visit the site at: www.webake.co.uk