Doritos has hit TV screens with a new TV advert to support the brand’s latest ‘bold’ flavour campaign.

Shoppers are currently being invited to come up with creative ideas to eliminate their least preferred new flavour, and a £20,000 prize is up for grabs for the winning idea. Entries can be submitted via Facebook, Twitter or at using the hashtag #DoritosA or #DoritosB for the flavour they want to eliminate. The most popular flavour will roll out into market later in the year.

Doritos’ latest TV creative sees two men carrying mysterious containers entering a dungeon-like building, the ‘Doritos Research Facility’, accompanied by a guard. An intimidating female judge presides and the men nervously present the contents of their containers to her. Inside are two new flavours of Doritos; Flavour ‘A’ (Sizzling Salsa) and Flavour ‘B’ (Ultimate Cheeseburger) encased in opposing white and black packets. The judge tries each flavour and announces that she likes both, but one must be ‘eliminated’.

The new TV advert from Doritos will run for five weeks and will be supported with a digital campaign, including a dual technology Snapchat lense and a series of bespoke ‘elimination idea’ animations that will be viewable on the Doritos social media channels including Snapchat.