Cider brand Diamond White has had a significant brand makeover with a new look and positioning.

Brookfield Drinks has given the cider a new ‘diamond apple’ logo and blue and silver branding, with the aim of repositioning the brand as a premium triple filtered refreshing cider.

The 7.5% ABV variant will be available in 500ml cans and 2 litre PET formats. The relaunch of Diamond White will be supported with a new website and significant promotional and marketing investment. There are further plans to extend the product range including new variants, and different usage occasions.

Nigel McNally, MD of Brookfield Drinks said: “Diamond White is a unique much loved iconic cider brand, and is particularly popular with those who remember it fondly from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“Cider is very much back in fashion as consumers look for a long, refreshing drink as a lower alcohol alternative to wine, and sales of ‘tried and trusted’ brands like Diamond White are on the increase. With its fresh new look, Diamond White is a must-stock cider brand for the independent retailer and the ideal choice for consumers. It offers a substantial cash margin opportunity for the trade and drinkers can enjoy the crisp and sparkling flavour.”

At the same time, Brookfield Drinks has also relaunched its 7.5% ABV White Star cider in a 500ml can and 1 litre and 2 litre PET formats with a new brand design. The popular 7.5% ABV cider offers great value for money, and is aimed at consumers looking for a refreshing cider to drink at home.