Global confectionery producer Perfetti Van Melle is introducing a new addition to its Chupa Chups range.

Airheads, which have already been launched in the US, are fruit-flavoured bite-sized sweets packaged in a brightly-coloured 50g aluminium foil packet.

The product, which will tap into the growing bagged sweets sector of the chewy confectionery market, comes in five flavours: lemon, blueberry, strawberry, apple and orange, priced at 60p a packet.

Mark Roberts, UK trade marketing manager, said: “The launch of Airheads marks a real change for Chupa Chups and we are determined to ensure they make a real fruity blast in the market. A great amount of planning has gone into the launch to ensure that retailers find it as easy as possible to introduce Airheads into their shops, and that customers come in looking for them.”

The chewy sweets market has grown by 4.2% since last year; bagged candies make up more than half of this with sales up 13%, according to IRI data.