Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is being launched with £10 million campaign to encourage more people to choose no sugar.

Coca-Cola Great Britain has launched its biggest new product campaign in a decade as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new and improved sugar free Coca-Cola, hits shelves across the UK. The new recipe tastes even more like the original Coca-Cola Classic, but without sugar and is supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign.

The launch, announced in April, is the latest in a number of actions taken by Coca-Cola Great Britain to help people reduce their sugar consumption.

It marks the next step in the Company’s strategy as it moves from offering choice to shaping choice – which means actively encouraging more people, including Coca-Cola Classic drinkers, to choose a no sugar option. It is the latest action to result from the company’s £30 million reformulation and new product development programme.

On air from July 7, the TV advert shows all of the elements of enjoyment of original Coca-Cola but ends with the ‘surprise’ that there is no sugar in the drink, dramatising the great taste of Coca Cola Zero Sugar. New out of home advertising will feature the new packaging design and use similar emotive images and language to drive home the message that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar “Tastes more like Coke, looks more like Coke”.

In addition to the new recipe and taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will have a new look in line with the company’s One Brand marketing strategy. The new design incorporates the Coca-Cola red disc which has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste. The new identity will run across the entire range.

In store, consumers will be encouraged to try Coca-Cola Zero Sugar through promotional and sampling activity.