PayPoint has outlined a pledge to reinforce its commitment to improving the working relationship with its retailer community.

The bill-paying service provider says it has taken substantial steps to improve communication with its retailers to respond to their needs, while it has also invested in innovation to improve the service for both retailers and consumers.

The new pledge also promises to support and respect retailers, deliver a “first class service” and to “champion the importance of convenience retailers and the challenges they face”.

Tim Watkin-Rees, business development director at PayPoint, told Convenience Store: “Communication is very important to us and we already had field staff who made frequent visits to retailers and we also operate a helpline call centre. But now, we have increased the frequency of our retailer visits and broadened our operational and commercial support services, while we also reintroduced an improved independent retailer forum, made up from about a dozen members that meets every three months and discusses if their expectations are being met and how we can improve the service further.

“We are aware that last summer not all retailers were satisfied with PayPoint and we have made it our goal to make a commitment to retailers and guarantee them a high quality service. We want to tell retailers that we are setting ourselves higher standards and enhancing our communication and actively innovating to provide an even better service.

“It is important to PayPoint that we make this pledge because retailers are the lifeblood of the service, we both rely on each other and this relationship is really important. We want retailers to know that we understand the challenges of running a store and we are considering them at the heart of what we do.”

A new terminal, called the PayPoint One, will be rolled out towards the end of September. The new unit will be tablet-operated and will have EPOS on board.