Two men have appeared in court in connection with an armed robbery at a Ramsgate convenience store, which resulted in the owner of the store being shot and injured.

The incident took place in February when a man armed with a gun and taser entered the International Foods store on Ramsgate High Street.

While trying to stop the offender, store owner Ibrahim Ahmedi was shot in the neck and spent three days in hospital. He gave evidence at the trial yesterday (August 8) taking place at Canterbury Crown Court in Kent. 

The two defendants, Ryan Lee Diggens, 24, of Trove Court, Ramsgate, and Aleksandr Saprykin, 40, of Chapel Place, are accused of attempted robbery and three firearms offences. Both men deny the charges.

Speaking at the trial, Ibrahim told the jury that he recognised the gunman when he entered the store at 1.30pm on February 7, accompanied by another man and woman.

One man allegedly shouted “give me your bag of money” and when Ibrahim refused he claims the man started shooting at him. He said the weapon was fired “five or six times”. 

The prosecutor for the case, Peter Forbes, told the jury that a weapon firing silver ball bearings was later discovered by Police at the scene of the crime.

The trial is still on going and International Foods has asked not to be contacted by the media while the case contiues.