All current picture health warnings on tobacco products will need to be replaced with a new set of Australian versions in the event that the UK leaves the European Union with a ‘no deal.’

The copyright for the existing picture library is owned by the European Commission, meaning that in the event of a no deal, manufacturers will not be able to use them after exit day on 29 March 2019.

The UK government has however secured one set of picture health warnings from the Australian government, which manufacturers will be able to use.

There will also be no more rotations between sets, as is currently the case (the EU picture library features three sets of 14 pictures, rotated on an annual basis).

Tobacco products featuring pictures from the current EU library, produced before exit day, will be able to be sold for 12 months afterwards, the government has confirmed.

Launching an open consultation which is set to run until 21 October, the government also said that it would publish further guidance in relation to cropping and sizing in due course.

This would “ensure that the Australian images can be easily adapted by the industry and will conform to existing legislative requirements in relation to image and pack size,” the consultation document, which also asks for information on the cost implications of the changes, said.