More than 60% of shoppers think it would be either necessary or useful if more discounter stores opened on the high street and in their neighbourhoods, according to new HIM research.

The survey of 1,000 shoppers revealed that 33% of respondents said more discounters stores were ‘absolutely needed’ and 30% said they would be useful.

It also found that 53% of shoppers plan to shop in Tesco’s new discounter chain, Jack’s.

Furthermore, penetration into Aldi and Lidl has risen from 49% to 59% in two years.

Rising inflation, higher interest rates and Brexit uncertainty are three of the catalysts for growth in demand for discounter stores, according to HIM.

HIM’s research & insights director, Val Kirillovs, said: “The discounter channel continues to grow in popularity as shoppers look to mitigate the pressures on disposable income.

“There is no doubt that many shoppers will be pleased to see the introduction of Jack’s into the channel, particularly since Dave Lewis announced it as cheaper than Aldi and Lidl. In fact, our recent survey shows that 61% of shoppers have already heard of Jack’s and 53% will definitely or probably visit.”