Derbyshire retailer Paul Sohal has moved from Costcutter to Nisa.

Paul cited product range, own brand and Costcutter’s well-documented recent delivery issues as the reasons for the switch. Of the group of eight stores run by Paul and his family, all are now trading with Nisa. Seven of the stores were formerly with Costcutter, although some moved to Nisa before the supply chain transition to P&H in the summer.

Paul said: “I had to change symbol group as there was an inability to have deliveries on time and in full as promised. But also, the range was nowhere near as good as Nisa’s. Now the availability is around 99%.

“There’s a huge range of products. The chilled and frozen range is unrivalled by any other symbol group, in terms of price as well. Customers swear by the Heritage range too.”

Paul also paid tribute to the swift transition to the new symbol group enacted by the Nisa team.

He added: “The team at Nisa has been there day and night. Everything was done so quickly. The fascia was done in a week and a half.”