The Nisa-Today's Holdings Board has two new faces following the group's elections.

Kishor Patel, an independent retailer from Bedfordshire, and Simon Hannah, director of Glasgow wholesaler JW Filshill, were elected to the board. At the same time, existing board members Joginder Singh of Michael Supermarket and Mark Windebank, managing director of Savage & Whitten, were both re-elected.

Kishor told C-Store that his primary focus would be to improve members' profitability. He said: "If we can improve performance in every area trading, IT, marketing, discipline, retail skills and focusing on customers' needs this will filter through into more profitability.

"Improvement in each area can deliver an extra fraction of profitability, and by putting all the fractions together it can add up to a healthier bottom line."

The reappointed and newly appointed member directors will join existing board members Mark Pullen, Stephen Jempson, Colin Graves, Peter Bellini, Rowan Black, Raj Chatha, Manish Dhamecha, Paul Delves, Mohammad Saleem, Sucha Singh, Jas Sunner, Chris Futter, and independent non-executive director Ian Black; plus Nisa-Today's executives Neil Turton, John Schofield, John Sharpe and Bill Laird.