Spar retailer Julian Taylor-Green’s store in Lindford, Hampshire, has fallen victim to a night-time ram-raid.

The incident caused major damage to the store’s stockroom with thieves making off with the shop’s ATM. Police are appealing for information following the incident, which took place just after 2.20am on Sunday, January 28.

The offenders used a telehandler tractor to smash into the side of the Spar store. The vehicle was then used to pull the ATM cash machine out of the wall and was driven off on the back of a dark-coloured pick-up truck.

The thieves left the telehandler at the scene after stealing the vehicle from Churt Road, Headley, on the same night of the ram-raid.

The impact of the ram-raid forced all the store’s safes, equipment and office furniture through the internal structural wall. This damaged the roof and twisted the stock room wall, while moving four metres of refrigeration three inches forward.

Julian said: “We are trading as close to normal as possible. We are waiting for a container to turn up that we can use to hold all our stock that used to be in the stock room. At the moment, we have no secure place to hold money and the Post Office has had to resort to just taking cash. Now, we have 24-hour guards on duty outside the shop at all hours.”

He praised the support and professionalism of his staff. “They were able to keep the shop open with minimal fuss. They helped move the stock around and tidy all the dust and debris. It’s the moral support that makes a big difference and gives me peace of mind. At the moment, it’s a bit like doing a store refit without having done any planning so I having to make decisions as we go along,” he added.

Julian is waiting for all the store’s electrics and cabling for the tills to be re-routed to make sure everything is secure and so the full extent of the damage can be assessed.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Detective Constable Jo Martindale said: “We’d like to speak to anyone who has any information about the ram raid incident or the theft of the telehandler.

“Did you see or hear anything suspicious in the areas at the time of the incidents? Do you know anyone you think may have been involved? I would urge anyone with information to get in touch with us.”

Anyone with information should contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101 quoting 44180036125. Watch the video below to see the full incident.