Booker has confirmed that Blueheath customers will be able to access Happy Shopper and Malt House Vintners products from July.
Booker director of retail Steven Fox said: "This is great news for Blueheath customers as it offers some new additional advantages. They now have access to a significantly improved
own-label range which is substantially larger, offers high margins and great quality products. I'm confident that Blueheath customers will see the real benefits to their business of the new own-label products available to them."
Meanwhile, The Today's Group has announced that Blueheath, along with its CTM depot at Wrexham, will cease to be members of the group.
The announcement, which has been anticipated since Blueheath's merger with Booker in May, will take effect from tomorrow (June 30).
CTM joined the Today's Group in 1992 while Blueheath signed up in January 2006. Blueheath has said it would maintain its relationship with Key Lekkerland for the time being despite the tie-in with fascia rivals Booker.