Retailers have the chance to avail of up to £1,000 of financial support for leadership and management training courses. 

The National Skills Academy for Retail is offering small and medium-sized retailers the opportunity to help improve how managers run their businesses.

The grant will be provided by the Skills Funding Agency through the Regional Leadership and Management Advisory Service for the courses You and Your Team and Frontline Management Solutions.

“Smaller retailers do not have the money to pay for training and are often reluctant to apply for funding because they fear that the application process will be complicated and time-consuming,” said Academy head Jane Rexworth.
“We can help retailers access this funding, giving them the opportunity to go on top-class training. Our management training courses are specifically designed for retailers, and provide attendees with tips and advice they can easily put into practice,” she added. 

To be eligible for the grant, retailers must be in England, have between two and 249 full-time employees and be able to show their potential for fast growth.