Londis has finalised its new proposition for symbol group retailers, under the banner of Londis 2020.

The new model sees new agreements on promotional allocations and leaflet distribution, plus a simplified and more transparent process to earn rebates. The 2020 format replaces Brand Essentials and Partnership models currently in place, with all existing Brand Essentials stores automatically migrated onto the new proposition.

The range of benefits available to 2020 members includes a more flexible allocation of promotional lines – 25 chosen centrally, with a further 25 selected by retailers – plus ,from July, a new-look four-page leaflet for neighbourhood stores, with Londis paying for distribution to 1,000 homes. For transient stores, the leaflet will be two pages with 500 leaflets available for in-store use. The 2020 model also includes access to store development funding, additional exclusive promotions and membership of ACS.

Symbol group retailers can now earn rebates of up to 2.5% of sales based on spend, with a further 2% based on standards, and a new web portal colour-coded to show progress on the various disciplines will be launched in the summer. Retailers will be expected to achieve a store standards score of above 70%, participate in leaflets and own brand, reach a minimum weekly spend and maintain at least 80% loyalty on purchases.

The new proposition was launched at Londis’ annual conference and trade show last week, attended by 300 retailers. Brand director John Pattison told C-Store: “We have had issues on the past but now we have a plan to bring the brand to life. Londis is all about the emotional glue between the retailer and the brand, and between retailer and retailer. It’s about how we share progress and success together.”

Also at the event, Londis announced the creation of a new management structure, including a specialist forecourt team, and further additions to its Smart Buy value own-label range, including a one-litre milk line.