Independent retailers can now choose from two new store formats from Lifestyle Express, designed to help them better compete against the growing might of the discounters and other local competition.

Lifestyle Value is the fascia for small stores where price and competition “are overwhelming factors”, said Stuart Johnson, Landmark Wholesale retail controller.

Stores major on own label products, promotions and pound zones, “leaving customers under no illusion about the value they get by shopping in store,” he added.

Lifestyle Extra is for larger stores, and offers a full neighbourhood convenience range including chilled, fresh and frozen foods as well as key impulse and essential categories and services.

“With the discounters’ popularity showing no sign of waning, we need to equip our retailers with the best possible offer in order to fight back,” Johnson added.

“We also recognise the threat posed by pound stores and other independent retailers trading locally and our new formats, with their strong focus on value, enable retailers to offer exactly what their customers want and need, tailored to their trading locations.”

Independent retailer Barjesh Kumar from Port Talbot, Wales, has seen his alcohol sales rise by 40% since converting to the Lifestyle Value fascia this autumn.

“With other convenience stores and discounters right on our doorstep, we knew we had to offer something different to attract and keep customers,” Barjesh said.  

“We know our customers are price conscious and our sales have risen significantly in every category, especially alcohol where we’ve seen a 40% rise.”

Lifestyle Express currently has 1,670 stores across the UK.