What we are doing:
Our long-running Zero Tolerance campaign, sponsored by Loomis, details the many ways retailers around the country have reduced their exposure to crime through dedication, technology, and community engagement. But with violent attacks an almost daily occurrence, we're now petitioning the current government and the next to safeguard your staff through more effective investigation of incidents and more severe deterrents for those who prey on local stores.
Violent crimes against c-store staff have been in the headlines recently and all parties are sympathetic, in words at least, to the pressures stores are under. The murders of several shopkeepers have led trade associations and retailers themselves to call for harsher penalties for crimes against retailers and their staff. Scottish MP Hugh Henry has tabled a motion for sentences for crimes against shopworkers to be given equal weight to those for crimes against emergency services workers, and Convenience Store is calling for the same consideration south of the border. Usdaw is also campaigning for a similar proposal.

Labour's Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) scheme has also been under scrutiny, with many claiming that they are not appropriate for shoplifting offences. Last year Justice Secretary Jack Straw changed the criteria for receiving a FPN so that only first-time offenders were issued with them, but the scheme is still attracting much criticism.
More police on the streets. Brown recently called for UK police forces to spend less time in stations and more time on the beat in an effort to reduce "fear of crime" 

Tougher sentences for the guilty alongside action to tackle re-offending, focusing on education and work 

Ending the early release scheme through provision of new prison places as part of the "largest ever building programme."
l Instead of fixed penalty notices, Asbos and other "bureaucratic measures", the Conservative Party promises to introduce early intervention measures such as grounding orders to allow police to better deal with anti-social behaviour 

Automatic parenting orders for those whose teenage children breach an Asbo 

Introduce minimum sentencing that will prevent offenders being released too early, and add 15,000 extra prison places 

Reduce the amount of paperwork that officers have to deal with to allow them to spend more time on patrol.
And the rest...
The Lib Dems promise an extra 3,000 officers on the streets across the UK as well as a cut in red tape to give local people more say in policing in their areas. They also want to place more emphasis on community policing and encourage more local accountability. 

The Lib Dems want to replace police form-filling with new technologies and introduce a National Crime Reduction Agency 

The Scottish National Party will strengthen police numbers in Scotland 

UKIP says it will ensure sentences "mean what they say".