Jayesh Patel rang from Classic News in Northampton with this warning. He got a call from a young woman saying that, since he had agreed to support their alcohol and drug abuse campaign in January, she was pleased to tell him it had been successful and asked which school he wanted to nominate for their leaflet.

At this point he said, hang on, I don’t remember agreeing to anything. She hung up. If he had said ‘yes’ at any point they would have tried the verbal agreement/got you taped trick. “You could so easily slip up,” says Jayesh, “I mean a phone call back in January…”

This was one more variation on the sponsoring ads for yearbooks publishing scam that was quite prolific a few years back. They never quite die out, not so long as someone is suckered into thinking they are doing their bit to support a good cause.

We spent a little time pondering over how some people choose to make their living. Obviously, the caller herself wouldn’t be making much, but she was clearly following quite explicit instructions.