But there was also a solution of sorts to make it work

As many of you know to your cost there is upheaval in the ATM world at the moment with Link reducing the amount it pays and Cardtronics now introducing charges to previously free machines. Gita Naidu, who runs a Londis with her husband in Bridgend in South Wales, got a letter from Cardtronics saying that her commission on Cashzone transactions would be cut from 68p to 48p, or they would have to remove it as it was underperforming. The couple were making between £140-£150 a month in commission overall.

I suggested that she should just offer cashback and charge 50p, which should go down well with customers. Gita thought this over and said she would wait to see what the rep had to say.

The rep explained that it was because of the Link reduced payments and the ATM would not be viable at the current commission.

The pair decided to retain the machine for the sake of their customers. The closest bank is about 10 miles away and closest post office about four miles. Gita reasons that, as the ATM offers unlimited amounts, people won’t mind paying nearly £2 for large withdrawals and she will offer cashback to those wanting up to £30 – for a small banking fee. That works.