Two issues back we brought you Bhavin Patel’s complaint about the National Lottery’s decision to retract the facility to order Scratchcards manually. He said he could prove that if Camelot let him choose his stock then sales of the product would increase through his store (Tylers Green Store, North Weald, Essex).

Last month Camelot sent a rep to discuss the situation so we now bring you episode two. What follows are excerpts from another letter he sent two days after the visit when he reported that, since he had been put on the automated system, he had lost out on seven days-worth of sales of the £10 and £5 Scratchcards.

He wrote: “I was sold out of both in less than 24 hours from them being activated. This further highlights the flaws in your automated ordering system i.e. that there are no mechanics in place at present whereby this system monitors my rate of sale.

“To date, I have still not been replenished with replacement stock. Please note that while I was on the manual ordering system, there was never an occasion when I had an empty dispenser.”

Bhavin also pointed out how proactive and professional a retailer he had been over the past four years.

“It is due to this fact that my sales uplift according to data supplied by your own website regarding my National Lottery account rose by a staggering 270% compared with a sales uplift of just 1% for similar shops.”

He says that he is not prepared to have several packs of Scratchcards sitting around in his stockroom until the next returns back is dispatched and that he had been informed that even this process is changing from a six-monthly collection at present to a 12-monthly collection in due course.

Camelot outlined that Bhavin would be placed on the most suitable range of price points for his store to maximise sales through its automated process.

Bhavin concludes that he will give it a go for the 12 weeks “then make an informed decision as to whether I wish to remain a National Lottery retailer”.

I hope to bring you episode three in due course.